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CDC’s Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity WEEKLY DIGEST With COVID-19 Resources

Highlights for the week Ending September 23..

Physical Activity Resources

· Upcoming Webinar: City Forward: How Innovation Districts Can Embrace Risk and Strengthen Community

· Upcoming Webinar: National Perspectives on Walking and Pedestrian Safety: Where We Are and How We Move Forward (Walktober Webinar Series)

· Upcoming Webinar: Equity and Walkability: Improving Pedestrian Infrastructure in Underserved Neighborhoods (Walktober Webinar Series)

· Upcoming Webinar: Walking and Public Health: Research Insights into the Value of Active Living (Walktober Webinar Series)

· Upcoming Webinar: Expanding Access to Pedestrian Infrastructure and Improving Public Safety: Tools and Case Studies (Walktober Webinar Series)

· New Resource: Vision Zero Implementation Toolkit: Vision Zero Model Resolution

· New Resource: Fostering Healthy Communities through Planning and Public Health Collaboration

· New Resource: Everyday Destinations

· New Resource: Hispanic or Latino Thought Leaders’ Perspectives in Transportation, Public Health, and Land Use

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