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CDC’s Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity WEEKLY DIGEST With COVID-19 Resources

Highlights for the Week Ending April 15, 2022

Physical Activity Resources

· Upcoming Webinar: Taking on Traffic Laws: A How-To Guide for Decriminalizing Mobility

· Upcoming Webinar: Together to Zero Traffic Deaths: Collaboration for Safer Streets

· Upcoming Webinar: Creating Transportation Equity from the Ground Up

· Upcoming Webinar: Vision Zero 201: How to shift to the Safe System approach

· Upcoming Webinar: Move Your Way® Webinar: The Physical Activity Guidelines in Action!

· Upcoming Webinar: Why We Need Active People, for a Healthy Nation

· New Training Opportunity: 2022 Physical Activity & Public Health Practitioner Course

· New Resource: Why Safety and Vehicle Speed Are Incompatible Goals for Street Design (video)

· New Resource: Making Bikes Count: Effective Data Collection, Metrics, & Storytelling

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