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Reference Materials

What is a Walk Audit?

  •   “Principals for Walkability.docx

  •    Island teams Workspace Link

  •   Mark Fenton’s Recovery Guiding Principles document, titled “Recovry.Guidng.Princpls.docx

  •   St. Croix USVI Resilience Workshop RECAP

  •   Trailnet in St. Louis Plan4Health (Examples of Pop-Up Demonstrations) Link

  •   USVI Walkability Institute Media library (photos, video, etc. ) Link​

  •   U.S. Virgin Islands Office of Highway Safety: Highway Traffic Report 2016 Link

  •   Walkability video: "Healthy People, Healthy Places"; Austin, Texas Link
  •   Current and Potential Walkability projects in the US Virgin Islands Link
Examples of Uses for Implementation Funds

    (For use as a reference for the April 13, 2018 Conference Dial in) 


















 Examples of a Pop - Up demonstration

Below are photos of the materials from the Western Transportation Institutes pop-up trailer. The materials can be used to create curb extensions, crosswalks, mini-circles, chicanes, sections of protected bike lane.

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